Leichen im Keller


"Thank you for taking the time to write C&H Sugar regarding our use of carbonized bone charcoal. Dried bones from cattle who have died on the range are collected, primarily in India and Argentina, and burned in an enclosed atmosphere to create activated charcoal. No pork products of any kind are used. This 'bone char' is used as a filtering agent, but not in the crystallization of sugar. This is a common practice in sugar refining, and its use could be compared to a paper filter, when making coffee. Though other types of charcoal are used to supplement bone char, it is the bone char which contributes the physical structure to the filtration process which makes it possible. If a consumer finds the use of this bone char objectionable, an alternative would be a specialty sugar. C&H Hawaiian Washed Raw is processed in the Hawaiian Islands, where lime (calcium carbonate) is used as the filtering agent. It is then transported to our Mainland refinery, where it is dried and packaged. It is available in any market which carries C&H Sugar." [Diane Thomas, California and Hawaiian Sugar Company]

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